“Everybody does it” whines TOTUS



The Confluence is one of several blogs that has been calling attention to the forbidden love between a man and his TelePrompter.  If you Google “Obama TelePrompter” you will get 1,150,00o hits in .55 seconds.  The TelePrompter Of The United States even has it’s own blog.

It must be having an effect because this past week we have seen a strong push-back to the stories about Obama’s dependence on technology when he’s speechifying.  Not only have the barbarian hordes of the Kool-aid Kingdom been unleashed on the blogosphere, but even late-night unfunny comic Dave Letterman (reading from a TelePrompter) defended Obama:

They make an interesting point, why would a president want to be prepared and careful about what he says? The guy who had the job for the last eight years didn’t need no stinkin’ teleprompter!

The TOTUS defenders miss the point – we’re not criticizing Obama for using a TelePrompter, we’re pointing out a foundational lie about his qualifications to be President. 

Obama first gained national fame for giving the keynote speech at the 2004 Democratic convention, which was also the first time he ever used a TelePrompter.  Prior to that speech he wasn’t well known for public speaking, and the only prior speech he is known for (the 2002 anti-war speech) was so forgettable it wasn’t recorded or reported on when it was given.

The keynote speech made him a star and was used as evidence to support one of the fundamental claims about Obama – that he is a great public speaker.  His supporters have proclaimed that Obama’s rhetorical abilities rival or exceed anyone in modern history, including JFK and Martin Luther King Jr.

Most of Obama’s “accomplishments” are speeches, not legislation or policy ideas.  Besides the two speeches noted above there was the 2006 speech at Saddleback, the Iowa caucus acceptance speech, the March 2008 Greatest Speech on Race Evah!, last summer’s “Free Beer and Bratwurst” speech in Berlin, the Mile-High Faux-Grecian Temple speech last August and the election night victory speech in Chicago.

If Obama is merely a good reader of speeches that begs the question – who is writing his speeches?  What’s that Mr. Obot?  You say he writes his own speeches?  Then what is this guy’s job?:

Jon "Titty-Groper" Favreau

Jon "Titty-Groper" Favreau

Think about that for a minute.  Every time Barack Obama reads a speech from a TelePrompter, you’re hearing Jon Favreau’s words, as well as David Axelrod’s and probably some people you never heard of.  These people are paid to manipulate us with words and they are good at their jobs.

Right now we are paying their salaries, but who first hired them to package and sell an empty suit and his agenda to the American people?

More importantly, why?


2 Responses to “Everybody does it” whines TOTUS

  1. Well, my “typical white” grandmother used to say:

    “Everybody does it? What if everybody jumped off a bridge…. would you do THAT too?”

    Holy canoli. Which flimsy excuse will we get out of this guy next?

  2. edgeoforever says:

    You’re just jealous you can’t read the teleprompter as well as Obama does!
    Check out the pic I found on facebook

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