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  1. Pia Rasmussen says:

    Dear myiq2xu.
    This is not a comment to a post as such, but I see no mail adress, so I have to contact you this way.
    For the last 15 months I have followed the US election via blogs and are amazed by what I have learned from you all compared to from the established media.
    I used to love TalkLeft and Corrente but The Confluence have stayed with me all along (or I have stayed with TC?) and I have learned so much, not only about elections, but about the American way of life, about differences between the States, about costumes, nature, climate, food, you name it. And I have “met” so many wonderful people. Thoughtful, eloquent, knowlegable and above all humorous. So much great non-vicious humor. So much gooood snark!
    Lately I have followed the disagreement over the IP/ME conflict, and have been amazed (no shocked!) over the enormity of hate that the three frontpage posters who left TC have posted on their own and on each others blogs. All three profess to be humanitarians, but my do they hate! You, and RD, and dak, and just about anybody who have just a slightly different view than their own.
    I must compliment you on the way you answered on Partizane today, with only links. I personally feel, that mB has lost it; gone bunkers. But that’s just me, as you say.
    Well, all this probably doesn’t interest you, and the reason I contact you is to give you this link. I guess the US media doesn’t mention it. Sorry if it is old news to you.


    If you are interested in reading an insightful view of the conflict I will recommend the Dutch author and journalist Joris Luyendijk. He has been a correspondent to the ME, speaks Arabic, and have some very interesting observations on the differences in how news is presented by the two sides. I haven’t read his book People Like Us yet, but from listening to interviews with him, I am eager to read it.

    Sooo! Hope you read this. Hope you don’t mind the length. And hope you will continue with your humorous inputs on TC. Don’t for one minut think that nobody notices, even when no one comments. I’m sure there are many like me, who privately giggle and enjoy your sudden, unexpected inputs, and that is why you are so loved by the regulars. And because of your posts of course. You have a way with words. (But please, please scale down on the sexist jokes. Pretty please?)
    Best wishes to you. And all the best to the wonderful Conflucians.
    Pia Rasmussen.


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