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Obama Bloggers

My post yesterday “What’s so special about Sarah” brought out the trolls like bailout money brings out the CEO’s.  I was struck by the fact that all their criticism of her is based on lies.  This comment is typical:

lauren, on April 4th, 2009 at 11:27 pm Said:

I hate her because she’s murdering wolves from airplanes, and encouraging that behavior…because she’s rabidly anti-choice, and loss of our freedom is terrifying to me.

The wolves are being killed for what’s called “predator control.” It’s part of wildlife management so that the moose and caribou herds flourish. The wolves are hunted from airplanes because that’s the efficient way to do it. The wolves are not killed for sport.

Sarah Palin is pro-life but has never taken a single action as governor to restrict abortion – in fact she just recently appointed a pro-choice woman to the Alaska Supreme Court.

There are plenty of reasons why a liberal or progressive Democrat would not support Sarah Palin – she’s a moderately conservative Republican and opposes gay marriage for instance.  But Obots keep citing lies to justify their “hatred” of her, including the ones about banning books and charging for rape kits.  Are Obots stupid or just stupid liars?

Over at The Daily Howler the incomparable Bob Somerby writes:

Several centuries ago, the western world had its ballyhooed Enlightenment. From now on, facts would rule, we said—facts and their consort, logic. From now on, we’d play by the rules, we all swore! No more saying “X is right” just because it feels so good—or because the king says X is right.

That was the pledge—but that ideal has faded. Enlightenment values lie in tatters, as you can see when you scan your newspapers. (Or when you watch your “progressive” TV shows.) We thought we’d advanced—but that was a dream. Those very lofty Enlightenment values are routinely observed in the breach.

Bob Somerby has been a voice crying in the wilderness since 1998 – back when nobody knew what a “blog” was.  Two years ago he  was required reading for anyone in the blogosphere who considered him or herself a member of the reality-based community.  Then the Kool-aid epidemic started and the proggers lost their minds.  Now they are rapidly turning on old Bob.

Our blogstalkers detest him because he refuses to participate in their delusions.  I won’t link to any of their places because they’re biohazards, but here’s a couple representative samples:

Bob Somerby jumped the shark a few years back.  If he peddled half as much reason or logic as he does sanctimony and mind-reading, he might almost be readable again.


My guess is that after Eric Boehlert gave him a generous mention in Lapdogs, he didn’t receive the kind of recognition he was expecting. He was ignored in favor of TPM, Atrios, and the Kos community, among others.

Bob Somerby didn’t change – they did, when they traded truth for truthiness.  The Obots hate Bob, PUMA and anyone else that insists their emperor has no clothes.  These are the same people that hated Hillary for her AUMF vote and her ties to the DLC – but didn’t hate Joe Biden and Rahm Emmanuel for the same reasons.  They watch Teh Precious betray them on issue after issue and claim he’s playing “11th Dimension Chess” that no one else is capable of understanding.

They drank the Kool-aid and became un-Enlightened, and now they can believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.



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