Kool-aid Goggles


The latest meme used by the sippy-kup kidz of the kool-aid kingdom to explain rationalize the actions of Teh Precious goes something like this:

Hillary would have done the same things!

Barely one-twelfth of the way through his term in office and Obama’s rabid supporters are reduced to that and “11-dimensional chess” to justify their love for a man who schmoozed them and used them and then never called them again.

Now I could disprove that meme by pointing to things like last summer’s FISA revision (where Hillary kept her word and voted “no” but Obama broke an explicit promise and voted “yes”) but let’s assume for the sake of argument that the angry chihuahuas of Obamanation are correct and Obama is doing the same things that Hillary would have done.  I learned in one of those numberology classes they make you take as part of college “breadth” requirements that both sides of an equal sign are the same.  So if Obama = Hillary then Hillary = Obama.

They not only say that Hillary would have done the same things as POTUS that TelePrompter Jeebus has done, but the official talking points from David Axelrove are that Obama ran a better campaign, raised more money and now Hillary supports him so we should all get naked and have make-up sex.  Our refusal to strip down, lube up and grab our ankles proves we are just bitter racists who can’t stand the idea of a black biracial man in the Oval Office.

So here’s my question:  If the only difference between Obama and Hillary was the quality of the campaigns they ran and the amount of money they raised, WHAT THE FUCK WAS ALL THAT SCORCHED EARTH ANGRY MOB WITCH HUNT BULLSHIT WE SAW LAST YEAR ABOUT??

Beginning around December 2007 Left Blogistan turned toxic as Obama supporters began making unhinged attacks on Hillary, the Big Dawg, her campaign staff and anyone who supported her.  This blog was created as a place of refuge for Hillary supporters who were driven out of Cheetoville and other lefty blogs.  But it wasn’t enough for them to purge us from our old hang-outs, they followed us and tried to harass us here too.  They continue to stalk and harass us to this day.

According to the deranged haters, we are Republican ratfuckers, ignoring the fact that we consistently take positions that are to the left of Obama.  We don’t call Obama a socialist and criticize him for being too liberal, we slam him for not being liberal enough.  Unlike Obama we strongly support a woman’s right to choose, gay marriage and universal health care.

Obama is the ratfucker.  He occasionally talks the talk of a New Deal Democrat, but he walks the walk of a Reagan Republican.  The Big Dawg moved to the right when he had to, but Obama avoids the left like it’s radioactive.  If his followers would take off their Kool-aid goggles and take a good look at him they would realize he’s not Barry the First, he’s Bush the Third.

Joseph Cannon:

I wish to hell that these people would just be honest about what they did. I wish that they would ‘fess up to the role they played in foisting this nightmarish presidency on the world. I wish to hell that they would apologize.


(graphic courtesy of sarahfdavis)


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