This is why we can’t get over it


Over at Booman Tribune in his review of Eric Boehlert’s Bloggers on the Bus: How the Internet Changed Politics and the Press,  Booman includes this revision of reality:

There were six weeks between the Mississippi and Pennsylvania primaries during which the Jeremiah Wright saga unfolded with frightening force. The assault on the culture of the urban black church was so severe that friends of that culture were put under the utmost stress and pressure. It was in this context that Obama supporters, who knew Obama had already secured the nomination short of disqualification, turned savagely against all signs of racial coding from the Clinton campaign. The race issue had simmered prior to that with occasional nasty flare-ups (see Bob Kerrey, Bill Sheehan, Bill Clinton and Bob Johnson in South Carolina). But it was only in the full glare of the Wright drama, with the full knowledge that our candidate had it wrapped up, that Obama-supporting bloggers lost all patience and turned on Clinton (and some of her supporters) with fury.

Oh really Booman? Only then?

Then how do you explain the founding of The Confluence as a refuge months earlier? Were we just imagining the fury of Obama supporters back in December 2007 thru February 2008?  Boehlert himself says “all hell broke loose” in Left Blogistan right after Edwards dropped out in mid-January.

I guess Booman missed the fact that HILLARY WON THE POPULAR VOTE. She also would have had the lead in pledged delegates if Florida and Michigan had been counted properly.  Booman must have been watching too much MSNBC.

If Booman had been paying attention he would have realized that the controversy over Rev. Wright originated at FOX News and consisted primarily of them playing clips of Wright’s sermons over and over.  The wingnut blogs were having a field day but other than No Quarter the pro-Hillary blogs were very circumspect in their handling of the story.  In mid-March Obama gave his “Greatest Speech on Race EVAH” where he defended Wright but denied ever hearing those sermons, but then a few weeks later Obama denounced Wright and threw him under the bus.

I’ll be charitable and assume that Booman’s recollection is faulty due to excess use of Kool-aid.  Otherwise I would have to say he is either lying or delusional.

BTW – Playing the “race card” was a pre-planned strategy of the Obama campaign.  There was no attempt by Hillary or her campaign to exploit racial divisions.


One Response to This is why we can’t get over it

  1. Ron4Hills says:

    They always get the race angle mixed up. Some out of ignorance, but the “pros” they are blatantly re-writing history. They know better and they do it anyway. Whatever serves the “Miraculous Rise of the Spotless Messiah” narrative.

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