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Part II of his series “Bloggers on the Bus: A Conversation with Eric Boehlert” is up and it’s a must-read.  Some excerpts:

One of the most interesting things bloggers have told me (often off the record) about the primary season was how clear it became that their readers really did dictate what the bloggers wrote.  […] Meaning, they got tired of fighting with their readers and simply didn’t write certain things because they knew it would create a pie fight within the site.


But now with the Obama WH, I think it’s clear, and already should be clear from several examples (i.e. torture photos, etc.) that when the WH moves to the center or to the right, it’s going to catch holy hell from the left.

The first passage describes why I will never be an “A” lister.  I will never make it in sales or the corporate world either  because I have an obsessive-compulsive need to say what I think.  I may have the right to remain silent but I don’t have the ability.  But on the upside I don’t need chap stick.

The second passage sounds like the “We’re gonna hold his feet to the fire after he’s elected” strategery we heard so much about last year.  But the evidence so far shows that plan isn’t working out too well.  Obama has morphed into Bush III with nary a peep from the Kool-aid Kingdom.  His supporters won’t hold his feet to the fire out of fear of burning their lips. (although the flames will have to reach higher than his feet to put them in any danger)

There is criticism of Obama coming from the left, but it’s coming from people who were never enamored of Obama in the first place.  Like us.  The sippy-kup kidz are still babbling about “11-dimensional chess” while waiting for their pony to get delivered.  Sorry kidz, real ponies don’t oink.




Eriposte added this gem from Boehlert’s book in the comment section:

After the hype died down, even some corporate media observers who had been relentlessly critical of Clinton’s campaign, including some at the Washington Post and Politico, concluded that there was no way anyone could have construed her passing RFK comment as suggesting that she was awaiting Obama’s assassination. Yet lots of bloggers made that leap. Wrote one online writer for the liberal American Prospect, “Hillary Clinton suggests, elliptically at the very least, that she’s staying [in] the presidential race in case Barack Obama is assassinated.”

“I thought it was character assassination,” Digby told me a couple weeks after the RFK controversy had passed. She was exhausted by the toll the campaign had already taken on the blogosphere. She was also aware of the kind of pie-fights that would erupt on her site if she posted a condemnation of those who unfairly attacked Clinton for her RFK comments. So Digby, who never endorsed either candidate, simply passed on the story. “I’m a chicken shit,” she said with a shake of her head.

It makes me wonder “what if?” What if the big bloggers had shown integrity and courage? What if they chose principle over profit?

“For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” – Mark 8:36


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  1. Cindy says:

    Another excellent post. Thank you.
    And you, yourself, have exceptional clarity on what happened politically in this country.. And you’re a damn good writer.
    The quote from Mark has always been a favorite. I can’t read it without thinking of that scene in Bolt’s play, “A Man For All Seasons”. It’s so fitting, and timeless.

  2. yea keep up the good work

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