Palin Derangement Syndrome


From Real Clear Politics:

While reading his top ten list Monday night, “Late Show” host David Letterman said Gov. Sarah Palin bought makeup from Bloomingdale’s to update her “slutty flight attendant” look. Palin was in New York over the weekend.

It gets worse:

VH1 comedian Chuck Nice appeared on Tuesday’s “Today” show and compared Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to the sexually transmitted disease herpes. He mocked, “But, Sarah Palin to the GOP, this is what I’ve got to say, she is very much like herpes, she’s not going away.”

What the fuck is wrong with these people?

*Failbot troll prophylactic:

This is not about “supporting” Sarah Palin.  Neither of the two statements above have anything to do with any legitimate criticism of Governor Palin’s policies or record.

They are examples of misogyny.




It’s even worse that I originally thought:

That would be Willow Palin, the 14 year old daughter that accompanied Sarah and Todd to New York.




Misogyny is a bipartisan effort:

Sarah Palin has begun to get on the nerves of Republican senators who say the former GOP vice presidential nominee is taking her own White House aspirations entirely too seriously.

Yeah, like anyone would ever vote for a stupid girl.




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