You’re not my father!


Tomorrow is Father’s Day, and I am eagerly anticipating some really cool gifts from my kids to add to my collection of singing fish and kung-fu hamsters. The last thing I need is some sycophantic drivel like this:

President Obama donned his father-in-chief hat on Friday, devoting much of his afternoon to emphasizing the importance of mentors and father figures for young people and to prodding young men to be better parents.

Excuse me? Father-in-chief? Where the f*ck does it say in the Constitution that the President is our #1 Dad?   George Washington was the father of our country but Barack ain’t even our step-daddy, and Michelle ain’t our mommy-in-chief neither. Jeebus! Can you say “patriarchy?”

“When fathers are absent, when they abandon their responsibility to their children, we know the damage that does to our families,” Mr. Obama told teenagers and community leaders in the East Room of the White House, beginning what he called a “national conversation on responsible fatherhood and healthy families.”

Oh goody! Another “national conversation.” That “national conversation on race” worked out so well.

That Mr. Obama was giving such attention to the issue at a time of crisis in Iran and high-stakes debate on health care and financial overhauls shows how personally he takes fatherhood, White House officials said.

He takes fatherhood so seriously he devoted a whole speech to it! By the way, what exactly is he busy doing about Iran, health care reform and our FUBARed economy anyway?  Consulting with his Dairy Godmother?

During the question-and-answer part of the event, one student, who introduced himself as Larry Holmes from St. Albans School, asked Mr. Obama: “Traveling from state to state, country to country, being the president, which one is funner? Being a father or being a president?”

“There’s nothing more fun than being a father,” Mr. Obama said, then quipped, “Now, my kids aren’t teenagers yet, so I don’t know whether that will maintain itself.”

Fatherhood is sooo important that Barack left his family in Chicago when he was elected to the U.S. Senate, then spent the last two years running around the country without them while he ran for President. That’s four years of being gone more than he was home, starting when Malia was six and Sasha was three.  Now he wants to give lectures on fatherhood to the rest of us?

Gee Mr. President, maybe you don’t realize it but some men sacrifice their ambitions for their children.

That’s real fatherhood.


p.s. – Someone needs to tell Daddy Dearest that his “kids” need health care.



4 Responses to You’re not my father!

  1. I am urging women to wear green bracelets in solidarity with our Iran sisters – will you do it ? And tell others?

  2. HT says:

    re your p.s., I’m assuming your referring to his self appointed role as Daddy in chief and the responsibilities thereof, cause Obama’s biological offspring will never have to worry about health care.
    This love affair between the press and the DIC (Daddy in chief, no offense intended, sorta), has become cloying in the extreme. And exactly what gives him the credentials to lecture millions of men on what it means to be a father – the fatuous azz publishes letters to his daughters in the major media. Way to go Daddy, use the kids as props, and let them know it. Bet those girls are just enchanted.. Children are not stupid. They know. They aren’t old enough yet to do anything, but watch out Obama. I actually feel rather sorry for MO’s mother. She’s the one who has to deal with the children on a day to day basis.
    Great post Miq.

  3. Cindy says:

    Not that anybody gives a shit, but I really enjoyed your post.
    You’re clever, articulate and intelligent.
    Keep it up.

  4. Cindy says:

    p.s.. What are the picture icons next to our comments? Mine looks like a longhorn, and we raise longhorns, so I must ask: are you a psychic, also?

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