Gun control is hitting your target


This story is an example of why I support the Second Amendment. From the Merced Sunstroke:

Merced County sheriff’s investigators say they’re on the lookout after the family of an alleged molestation victim received a series of threats from the suspect’s supporters.


The mother of the alleged victim was outside her home, when two Latino men in their early 20s arrived at her home, according to Deputy Tom MacKenzie, sheriff’s spokesman. The woman said the men tried to persuade her to drop charges against 26-year-old Herminio Martinez of Livingston. Martinez is accused of molesting the mother’s 12-year-old daughter, MacKenzie said.

The men also brandished guns, the woman told sheriff’s investigators.

The visit by the men, however, was only the most recent among several threats that have been made to the girl’s family, MacKenzie said.

The mother, who was also armed, then shot at the two men, who fled on-foot. After, the woman called sheriff’s deputies, MacKenzie said. Deputies searched the area, but were unable to locate the men. MacKenzie said it’s unknown whether the woman injured one of the men during the shooting.


Martinez was arrested in Atwater last week after the girl, who was missing for a few hours on July 19, returned home and said she’d been with the suspect, according to Deputy Tom MacKenzie.

The girl described Martinez as her “boyfriend,” MacKenzie said. Her family reported the alleged crime the following day.

Sheriff’s detectives busted Martinez after he was under the impression that he’d be meeting the girl at her aunt’s home, MacKenzie said. After he arrived at the house, however, he was taken into custody by detectives.

Investigators believe Martinez was having sex with the girl for the past few months, possibly since she was 11 years old. He was booked on suspicion of child molestation and remains at the John Latorraca Correctional Center without bail.

My advice to the mother is “practice, practice, practice” in case the men come back. There is a very nice indoor range on Yosemite Parkway in Merced. It’s air conditioned too!

Back in 1993 in a town just a short drive to the north of Merced called Jamestown a woman named Ellie Nesler put five bullets into the head of the man who molested her son. Unfortunately for Ellie the man was handcuffed to a table in the Tuolumne County courthouse and the shooting was ruled unsportsmanlike. She served 3 years in prison before being released on an appeal for jury misconduct. Ellie died of breast cancer last December.

I’m not suggesting anyone should become a vigilante and take the law into their own hands, but if the bad guys are threatening you with guns then I figure it’s open season.

2 Responses to Gun control is hitting your target

  1. native1 says:

    Intellectually I can’t condone being a vigilante, but…. emotionally I sometimes am a big fan.

    Sign on a bar door. Entrance side: Crawl low they may be shooting. Exit side: Shoot low they may be crawling.

  2. Who Cares says:

    Why did you close the comments on your post, linked above?

    I live in Canada and there are many stories about the tragedies that people have suffered due to rationed health care. The rationing comes at the expense of the elderly who have paid the most into it. Unfortunately, the elderly are not the only ones who bear the brunt. Needless to say, without getting on a larger soapbox, you do not know the differences between Canadians and Americans. Americans will not tolerate what most Canadians have to endure in order to get “free” health care.

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