Captain Spaulding Says Drop It Already!

July 14, 2008

The Captain has a message to all those lefty-bloggers who keep obsessing about Barack Obama’s birth certificate and other issues relating to his birth: 


Okay, we get it already.  His parents weren’t legally married, and even if they were he was conceived out-of-wedlock.  Who gives a flying fuck?

First of all, his mother was a United States citizen, which makes him a citizen too, even if he was born in another country (which is pure speculation anyway.)  So it isn’t relevant to anything, including his qualifications for President.

Secondly, we’re liberals and progressives, which means WE ARE NOT JUDGMENTAL.  That’s the kind of bullshit we condemn when the fundies start acting all holier-than-thou, so let’s not be hypocrites like them.

Third, even if we were going to be judgmental, the sins of his parents are their’s alone, Barack Obama is wholly innocent of them.  Let’s save our criticism for things he is guilty of, which gives us more than enough to talk about.

Lastly, even if he is being secretive or dishonest about the subject, can you blame him?  We defended Bill Clinton’s lying about Monica Lewinsky because IT’S NOBODY’S DAMN BUSINESS!

Your obsession with this story is making us look bad.  We’re bloggers, not sleazy tabloid reporters.  So the Captain says knock it off before he gets upset.  And you don’t want to upset the Captain, do you?

Klownhaus Moderation Policy

June 29, 2008

Comments here at Klownhaus are moderated.  I usually check the moderation queue several times a day at irregular intervals.

I am a firm believer in the First Amendment.  Everyone has the right to freedom of speech.  Your freedom to speak, however, does not impose on me any obligation to listen, nor does it require me to give you a platform to express your opinion.  This is my soapbox, and I will share it when, how and with whom I choose.

This ain’t no “family” place, except for Captain Spaulding and  the Firefly family, who are always welcome here.  I am not offended by profanity or obscenity, but be creative.  Abusive or threatening comments will be reported to the proper authorities.

If you say something racist, sexist, or just plain ignorant, I may delete it or I may leave it up as an example and to heap ridicule upon you.  I might delete things at random too.

Them’s the roolz.  If you don’t like it, get yer own damn blog and complain about it.