My Voting Strategy – Just Say No To Derangement

November 2, 2008
A Rabid Obama Supporter

A Rabid Obama Supporter

Riverdaughter asked us to all to come up with a single word to describe why we are voting the way we are on Tuesday.  That’s really a tough assignment because there are lots of words to choose from.  I considered “principles,” “honesty,” “integrity,” “ethics,” “experience” and “shame” because those are all things Barack Obama lacks.

I thought about using “liar,” “fake,” “phony,” or “unscrupulous” because those are all things that Obama is.  I was going to use “hubris” because that is Obama’s favorite sin, but then I saw this and realized that my word had to be “derangement.”

Obama’s strategy in the primary campaign against Hillary was to take advantage of and fan the flames of Clinton Derangement Syndrome.  Unhinged misogyny was the major component of CDS, but it went beyond that into other areas as well.  From the obsession with Hillary’s voice, ankles and cleavage to her alleged tears (or lack thereof) the media and Obama supporters became the He Man Woman Haters Club.

But they also bought into and pimped every noxious rumor and allegation that came along.  Racism, Tuzla, kneecapping and RFK were only the more prominent fables being spread by Obamanation.  They also recycled old right-wing memes from the nineties.  Even worse, they launched unhinged attacks on Hillary’s supporters too.

But the derangement didn’t end with Hillary’s candidacy, it metastisized and mutated into Palin Derangement Syndrome.  While there are reasons to oppose Sarah Palin, the attacks on her have been truly bizarre.  Sadly, many of these attacks have come from alleged feminists.

Now some people might say that it is unfair to blame Obama for what his supporters say and do.  I disagree.  First of all, Obama has never done more than tepidly denounce the attacks on Hillary and Sarah.  Secondly, while publically pretending to oppose or be unaware of the attacks, the Obama campaign has pushed them in the media and through the blogosphere.  Lastly, even if Obama were wholly innocent his supporters scare the bejeezus out of me.

It’s not enough to say I cannot support Obama, I believe he must be defeated.  I cannot in good faith advocate the defeat of Obama and then expect someone else to do the dirty work.  Voting for a third-party or NOT (nothing on top) voting would be a cop-out.  When I was young and dumb and full of shit I voted for Ronald Reagan, but for over two decades I have been a yellow-dog Democrat.  I thought I would never vote for a Republican again.

This year I will just say no to derangement and cast my vote for McCain/Palin.


2008 – The Year of Derangement

September 20, 2008

This is the year when the entire nation, or at least the left side of it, lost its mind.

We have always had deranged individuals.  Andy Sullivan and John Cole have been poster children for Clinton Derangement Syndrome for years, so it was no surprise that they were some of the first to exhibit symptoms of Palin Derangement Syndrome.  But who would have expected Jeralyn Merritt to lose her sanity over Governor Palin? 

Sadly, she is not alone.  Many alleged feminists have attacked Governor Palin with “astonishing disregard for the truth.”  The sexist coverage of Governor Palin at Salon has been as surprising as well as disturbing.

Now contending for the most bizarre stories about Sarah Palin are this and this and this by dogemperor at Corrente.  According to dogemperor, Ms. Palin is part of some religious conspiracy called the Dominionists that is headquartered within the Assemblies of God church and wants to impose a theocracy on America.  Here’s a taste:

Consider the International Association of Character Cities designation. One might think that the mayor and city council of Wasilla were just civic-minded individuals acting in a well-intended manner, searching for anything at all that might help with the intractable problems of crime and poverty – never mind that such cookie-cutter approaches never work for anyone.

But this is Wasilla, where by the year 2000 Palin had complete, dictatorial control having either raised up Council members who agreed with her or cowed into compliance those who did not. The entire city administrative structure was hers to command without question, since she had completely purged anyone who ever disagreed with her on anything and installed absolute subordinates in their place. The decision to join and support the IACC was made by her and driven to reality by her.

Among the IACC cities listed on their website are Wasilla, but also Fresno and Chowchilla, California.  I am familiar with the latter two municipalities, having lived and worked in Fresno and having spent most of my life a short drive from Chowchilla.  Chowchilla has two claims to fame:  It hosts two women’s prisons (including California’s female death row) and in the 70’s three men kidnapped a school bus full of kids from there (the kids were rescued unharmed and all three men are still imprisoned for that crime)  Neither of those places is anywhere close to a theocracy.  In both cities, the single largest religious organization is the Catholic church, not the Assembly of God.

I’m not going to regurgitate dogemperor’s insanity here, it might upset Captain Spaulding.  It’s pretty far out stuff.  But in true conspiracy-theory fashion, dogemperor asserts that the key pieces of evidence are “dogwhistles” that only the initiated can recognize.

But what does Lambert of PB 2.0 think of dogemperor’s Dominionist conspiracy theory?  Lambert who banned me for talking about Obama’s established links to William Ayers, the Weatherman terrorist, because I was making his blog look bad?  You’ll have to ask him, I’m not allowed to comment over there anymore.

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