From Dusk Till Dawn

February 28, 2009

It’s not the best vampire movie ever made, but it damn sure has the best soundtrack

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The Last House On The Left

February 28, 2009

It opens on March 14th

LeeAnn Womack

February 27, 2009

The little girl is adorable!

Hey Kevin!

February 25, 2009

A message for Kreepy Kevin and the PUMA-obsessed blogstalkers below the fold:

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Weird Al

February 24, 2009

From UHF

Turdblossom Says Obama Is “Winging It”

February 19, 2009


Donna Brazile’s BFF may be a despicable human being, but he’s one of the people who tells the media what to think and say.  In today’s WSJ Karl Rove gives us a preview of what is likely to be the media narrative for the next few weeks:

Team Obama demonstrated remarkable discipline during the presidential campaign. From raising an unprecedented amount of money to milking every advantage from the Internet to grabbing lots of delegates from inexpensive caucus states, they left nothing to chance.

And now the administration has scored a major legislative victory in an extraordinarily short period of time. Less than 700 hours after taking the oath of office, President Barack Obama signed the largest spending bill in American history.

Nevertheless, this fast start can’t overcome a growing sense the administration is winging it on issues large and small.


Team Obama has been living off its campaign reputation for planning and execution. That reputation is now frayed, and all the bumbling and unforced errors will have an impact. Such things don’t go unnoticed on Capitol Hill or in foreign capitals.

The president, a bright and skilled politician, has plenty of time to recover. The danger is that what we have seen is not an aberration, but the early indications of his governing style. Barack Obama won the job he craved, now he must demonstrate that he and his team are up to its requirements. The signs are worrisome. The world is a dangerous place. The days of winging it need to end.

Karl Rove gave Obama advice on how to defeat Hillary during the primary campaign.  If you don’t think Obama listened to the GOP strategist then check out this specific advice from December 2007 on how to win in Iowa:

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Coming Soon!

February 15, 2009

A definite Oscar contender.

Why They Hate Us

February 13, 2009


Most of you are probably aware of the recent mental breakdown by David “My” Sirota at OpenLeft, wherein he went postal in a series of paranoid rants aimed at Clintonites, Naderites and anyone else on the political left who isn’t a Kool-aid chugging Obamite.  Over at Corrente Vastleft asked:

The continued lashing out against PUMAs, ex-PUMAs, presumed PUMAs, etc. — what’s that all about?

A discussion generating more heat than light ensued (as will any thread involving Mandos) but the question remains: Why does Obamanation hate us so much?  We can get some insight over at Salon from Glenzilla:

During the 2008 election, Obama co-opted huge portions of the Left and its infrastructure so that their allegiance became devoted to him and not to any ideas.  Many online political and “news” outlets — including some liberal political blogs — discovered that the most reliable way to massively increase traffic was to capitalize on the pro-Obama fervor by turning themselves into pro-Obama cheerleading squads. 


The major problem now is that these entities — the ones that ought to be applying pressure on Obama from the Left and opposing him when he moves too far Right — are now completely boxed in.  They’ve lost — or, more accurately, voluntarily relinquished — their independence.  They know that criticizing — let alone opposing — Obama will mean that all those new readers they won last year will leave; that all those new dues-paying members will go join some other, more Obama-supportive organization; that they will prompt intense backlash and anger among the very people — their members, supporters and readers — on whom they have come to rely as the source of their support, strength, and numbers. 


Part of the political shrewdness of Obama has been that he’s been able to actually convince huge numbers of liberals that it’s a good thing when he ignores and even stomps on their political ideals, that it’s something they should celebrate and even be grateful for.  Hordes of Obama-loving liberals are still marching around paying homage to the empty mantras of “pragmatism” and “post-partisan harmony” — the terms used to justify and even glorify Obama’s repudiation of their own political values.

Glenn then provides us with a link to Matt Yglesias who has the answer to Vastleft’s question:

If you succeed in muting all your critics to the left, all you do is create a situation where your program is defined in the press and the congress and the public imagination as the most-leftwing-possible proposal.

Obamanation hates us because we are lefty critics of Obama.  Obama supporters call us racists and Republican ratfuckers because they can’t admit we’re the liberals they wish they were.  In fact, they hate us worse than they hate real racists and Republicans.  They hate us because in their hearts they know we’re right. 

They misrepresent our beliefs and launch personal attacks on us because they can’t find substantive areas of disagreement with us on the issues.  If, as Riverdaughter says, we’re “Democrats in exile” then Obama supporters are “Democrats in captivity.”  They hate us for our freedom, because nobody tell us what to do or think.

What remains baffling is why non-Obot lefties like Anglachel and the gang at Corrente treat PUMAs with disdain when we agree on almost every issue.

Now I Understand!

February 13, 2009


I always wondered why Kreepy Kevin at Blogstalkers had such an obsession with me.  Now I know:

My dick scale:

myiq1/2u –> lambert strether 2.0/bugfucker –> sirota

I guess size does matter.

Reagan Years – The Musical

February 12, 2009