Zombie Nazis?

May 31, 2009

This is better than Zombie Strippers or Zombie Clowns even

Wanker of the Year – G. Gordon Liddy

May 29, 2009
No use putting a roof on an empty barn"
“No use putting a roof on an empty barn”

With all the crazy floating around you would think it would be hard to pick a winner.  Leave it to a Watergate burglar to leave the competition in the dust:

I understand that they found out today that Miss Sotomayor is a member of La Raza, which means in illegal alien, “the race.” And that should not surprise anyone because she’s already on record with a number of racist comments.

Wow! I guess Mr. Liddy doesn’t know that Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens, ESPECIALLY THE ONES THAT WERE BORN IN NEW YORK CITY! (Not to mention that to Native Americans “illegal alien” is the English language) As for La Raza, that group is the Hispanic equivalent of the NAACP, not the KKK.

But old Sourpuss wasn’t done:

Let’s hope that the key conferences aren’t when she’s menstruating or something, or just before she’s going to menstruate. That would really be bad. Lord knows what we would get then.

I hope I don’t have to explain what is wrong with that statement. G. Gordon Liddy is the kind of guy that gives stupid pricks a bad name.


Kool-aid Goggles

May 29, 2009


The latest meme used by the sippy-kup kidz of the kool-aid kingdom to explain rationalize the actions of Teh Precious goes something like this:

Hillary would have done the same things!

Barely one-twelfth of the way through his term in office and Obama’s rabid supporters are reduced to that and “11-dimensional chess” to justify their love for a man who schmoozed them and used them and then never called them again.

Now I could disprove that meme by pointing to things like last summer’s FISA revision (where Hillary kept her word and voted “no” but Obama broke an explicit promise and voted “yes”) but let’s assume for the sake of argument that the angry chihuahuas of Obamanation are correct and Obama is doing the same things that Hillary would have done.  I learned in one of those numberology classes they make you take as part of college “breadth” requirements that both sides of an equal sign are the same.  So if Obama = Hillary then Hillary = Obama.

They not only say that Hillary would have done the same things as POTUS that TelePrompter Jeebus has done, but the official talking points from David Axelrove are that Obama ran a better campaign, raised more money and now Hillary supports him so we should all get naked and have make-up sex.  Our refusal to strip down, lube up and grab our ankles proves we are just bitter racists who can’t stand the idea of a black biracial man in the Oval Office.

So here’s my question:  If the only difference between Obama and Hillary was the quality of the campaigns they ran and the amount of money they raised, WHAT THE FUCK WAS ALL THAT SCORCHED EARTH ANGRY MOB WITCH HUNT BULLSHIT WE SAW LAST YEAR ABOUT??

Beginning around December 2007 Left Blogistan turned toxic as Obama supporters began making unhinged attacks on Hillary, the Big Dawg, her campaign staff and anyone who supported her.  This blog was created as a place of refuge for Hillary supporters who were driven out of Cheetoville and other lefty blogs.  But it wasn’t enough for them to purge us from our old hang-outs, they followed us and tried to harass us here too.  They continue to stalk and harass us to this day.

According to the deranged haters, we are Republican ratfuckers, ignoring the fact that we consistently take positions that are to the left of Obama.  We don’t call Obama a socialist and criticize him for being too liberal, we slam him for not being liberal enough.  Unlike Obama we strongly support a woman’s right to choose, gay marriage and universal health care.

Obama is the ratfucker.  He occasionally talks the talk of a New Deal Democrat, but he walks the walk of a Reagan Republican.  The Big Dawg moved to the right when he had to, but Obama avoids the left like it’s radioactive.  If his followers would take off their Kool-aid goggles and take a good look at him they would realize he’s not Barry the First, he’s Bush the Third.

Joseph Cannon:

I wish to hell that these people would just be honest about what they did. I wish that they would ‘fess up to the role they played in foisting this nightmarish presidency on the world. I wish to hell that they would apologize.


(graphic courtesy of sarahfdavis)

And they call us stupid?

May 29, 2009
Not Cinie

This kind of stupid requires a blogstalker.  Two of them even.  First we have this:

A writer for a small newspaper attempted to hand US President Barack Obama a letter, but was forcibly removed from a press area near Air Force One today, shortly before Mr Obama arrived at Los Angeles airport.

In bizarre scenes, airport security officers carried the woman away by the feet and arms. She was later allowed to leave without charge.

Brenda Lee, a writer for the Georgia Informer in Macon, is a “Roman Catholic priestess” and was carrying a letter she had written opposing gay marriage. She had White House press credentials, The Associated Press reported.

Then one of our friendly neighborhood blogstalkers decided that Brenda Lee and our good friend Cinie are the same person:

Word has it that Cinie of the stupid blog Cinie’s World was forcibly removed from the tarmac near Air Force One while screaming that Obama wasn’t a Natural Born Citizen. In comments after the incident, Cinie stated that because she is black, it gives her every right to question “that negroes”  right to be President. She also stated that she needed to get back home so that she could iron the hoods and sheets for the next pumapac event.

Perhaps “johnd12009’s” post was a poor attempt at satire, but since the only thing in common between Ms. Lee and Cinie is that they are both black women, that makes the blogstalkers’ claims that we are bigots and racists kinda suspect, don’t ya think?

But it gets better.  One of the other towering intellects among our avid fans bought the story hook, line and sinker, and he went back to his DU blog to repeat the bogus story.  At first I thought “thebigotbasher” was being malicious because only a complete idiot would believe that Brenda Lee and Cinie were the same person.  But then I realized that we are dealing with Obama supporters, and they’ll believe anything.

For the record, Brenda Lee is not Cinie, nor is she associated with PUMA.  I am a regular reader of Cinie’s World and to the best of my knowledge she is not a “birther.”  Furthermore, the vast majority of PUMA members support gay marriage and the few that don’t still support LGBT rights.

I’m not linking to the dipshits because of the biohazard and because they will probably delete or edit their posts anyway.

No shit, Sherlock?

May 17, 2009


Over at the wingnut blog “The Other McCain” is this piece of obviousness:

Then Smith comes up with a post titled, “President Obama Gets More Like George Bush Daily.” This is the real seed of dissent, the kind of thought that can lead somebody to re-examine their political commitments. When you vote for Change and instead get More Of The Same, you start asking yourself, “Who do these guys really represent? Because they sure as heck ain’t representing me.”

The recognition that you have been played — promised the moon, the stars and the sun by clever political hustlers who were only in it for their own power — is the kind of lightbulb-over-the-head moment that produces ex-Democrats. A lot of women Democrats felt similarly when the party shoved Hillary aside in favor of Obama, but their hatred of Republicans was enough for them to get over it in November.

If continued, that kind of disappointment, that sense of betrayal caused by political deception can lead a thinking man to ask, “Why am I voting for these people? Why did I ever believe their nonsense?” (emphasis added)

What took him so long? We figured that out 11 months and 2 weeks ago.

And just for Mr. McCain’s information, it wasn’t just women Democrats and some of us will never get over it.

We told you so

I’d rather have the plagues of Egypt

May 17, 2009

I never thought I would be grateful for this ankle monitor. From today’s SF Chronicle:

First lady Michelle Obama’s commencement speech at UC Merced on Saturday is the biggest thing to happen in this sleepy Central Valley city since, well, ever.

“This is something that puts the UC Merced campus on an international stage and gives our city a chance to shine along with it,” said Merced city spokesman Mike Conway. “We couldn’t be happier.”

For her part, the president’s wife will experience two things the area is best known for – picturesque cow pastures and blistering 95-degree spring days.

And for everyone else, there will be more good ol’ family fun than this town has seen since, well, ever.

A two-day “Cap & Town” festival that begins downtown today is like a county fair on steroids, with everything from goofy human-bowling-ball games to kids flinging themselves against Velcro walls.

Obama’s 1:30 p.m. speech, for which no tickets remain, will be broadcast on JumboTrons around town for those who weren’t lucky enough to score a pass to hear it in person, and every restaurant will be pitching its cuisine late into the evening.

The festival and the A-list speaker are firsts for Merced – as are many things this weekend, most related in some way to Obama’s appearance.

And because of that, everyone – from the 80,608 souls who call Merced home to the 2,718 UC Merced students – is filled with something approaching giddiness.

“We’ve just never seen anything like this before,” said David Martinez, bartender at the Partisan pub downtown, which is bracing for overflow. “We did have Arnold Schwarzenegger drive through here once, and he stopped at a Starbucks. That was pretty big.

“But I think Michelle Obama is definitely going to blow him out of the water.”

Until now, Merced has been mainly known as “The Gateway to Yosemite,” where you gas up on your way to the national park via Highway 140, and the hometown of actress Janet Leigh and serial killer Cary Stayner. The snazziest event most local can remember is February’s Amgen Tour of California bike race, which drew star cyclist Lance Armstrong and 15,000 attendees.

This “sleepy Central Valley city” is my hometown. If you count the unincorporated suburbs Merced is well over 100,000 in population, which is about four times the size it was when I was growing up. These days Merced is probably better know for meth labs than cow pastures.

I happened to be downtown the day Arnold’s caravan stopped for coffee at one of our three Starbucks. I was so excited I went into the used bookstore across the street and scanned the shelves for books by my favorite authors while I waited for my heart to stop racing.

I went to school with Cary Stayner, which some of you might think explains a lot. His younger brother Steven was kidnapped by a pedophile and held for 7 years before being found and returned to his family. They made a television movie about that.

Michelle Obama isn’t the biggest celebrity to ever visit Merced. President Jimmy Carter, Vice-President George H.W. Bush, the late Senator Robert Kennedy and George McGovern all gave speeches in Merced.

Merced is also the hometown of game show hostess Summer Bartholomew, who won the 1975 Miss California and Miss USA pageants. (you didn’t see the “Miss California” thing coming, didja?)

Michelle Obama is far from being the “biggest thing to happen” in Merced. Back in the seventies Ike and Tina Turner gave a concert at the fairgrounds, and the Goodyear Blimp visited the airport several times. Heck, we even had Phyllis Diller perform at our county fair one year!

Not Another Miss California Post

May 13, 2009


With all the important pageant news lately you may have missed this story from last week:

The D.C. Council overwhelmingly approved a bill yesterday to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere, in a vote that followed a sharp exchange between an openly gay member and a civil rights champion and set off shouts of reproach from local ministers.

The council passed the measure by a vote of 12 to 1. During the debate, council member David A. Catania (I-At Large) accused Marion Barry (D-Ward 8), who cast the dissenting vote, of having taken a “bigoted” position.

After the vote, enraged African American ministers stormed the hallway outside the council chambers and vowed that they will work to oust the members who supported the bill, which was sponsored by Phil Mendelson (D-At Large). They caused such an uproar that security officers and D.C. police were called in to clear the hallway.


Barry, who said he supports gay rights and civil unions, warned after the vote that the District could erupt if the council does not proceed slowly on same-sex marriage.

“All hell is going to break lose,” Barry said. “We may have a civil war. The black community is just adamant against this.”

While not as titillating and revealing as an exposé showing the naked truth about a certain beauty pageant contestant, the story matters because it actually affects some people’s lives.  So why haven’t we heard more about it?

From the incomparable Bob Somerby:

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